About us

SZERKÓ Budapest is a sustainable fashion business, founded and owned by two best friends, and managed with a lot of creativity, passion and social responsibility. 

Ever since it launched in spring 2019, SZERKÓ Budapest’s main goal is to promote the concept of sustainable fashion through various platforms, help to develop consciousness, and offer an engaging alternative to the extremely polluting world of fast fashion industry. 

The stock of SZERKÓ Budapest’s webshop contains second hand vintage clothes. All the items are curated, hand picked, and selected from various local sources one by one, based on well defined concept and quality measures. 

Vintage shop


Handpicked, unique vintage clothing

Pre-loved second hand items, mostly 25-40 years old

Mostly from natural and durable materials

We represent the most sustainable products in the very polluting fashion industry- clothes that were all already made and were saved from getting discarded – handpicked unique vintage clothing- all our products are pre- loved, second hand items, at least 15- but mostly 25- 40 years old. We do have a few designer brand items but strictly avoid mass produced, fast fashion items from the past 10- 15 years. Fashion with us is truly timeless, we make very old pieces very up to date and trendy.

About us




In charge of branding, creative, photos.

Fanni Kitti

Fanni Kitti

In charge of fabrics, stock, styles.

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